Church Renovation And Restoration
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Church Restoration And Renovation Services


About Fredrick & Emily's Renovations


Taggart Family Photo In 1974, Don Taggart began refinishing pews for a living. Most of his business came from knocking on church doors and talking to ministers who never heard of Fredrick & Emily's (named after his children). They had also never given much thought to having their pews refinished.

A respected craftsman, Don's formula for success was to develop safe and reliable methods for restoring churches, utilizing the highest quality products and finishes, and provide courteous service at an affordable price.

In late 1993, Fredrick Taggart worked at his father's Mount Joy wood restoration shop and had planned to eventually take over the family business. But his father died on December 11, 1993 and the business went to Fredrick long before he expected it.

Today with the same thought process of Mr. Taggart and a broader, more diverse vision, Fredrick & Emily's has become one of the leading church renovation companies on the East Coast.

The staff at Fredrick & Emily's has worked on over 1,000 churches and has the experience to know which mistakes are commonly made and how to avoid them, as opposed to contractors or architectural groups who may only renovate a church occasionally.

Not Just Experience.

Quality - We restore churches one way, the RIGHT way. Our employees and technicians perform to the highest professional standards and take pride in being the best -- and it shows!

Value - We use the best materials that suit the renovation, some lasting 50 - 75 years.

Honesty - We give clear, easy to understand answers to your questions. We want you to make educated decisions and we will help in every way possible to ensure that your renovation is performed to perfection.

Environmentally Responsible - We believe in making the best possible use of original and existing materials. Why throw out perfectly good pews when (in most cases) we can restore them?

Insurance - Fredrick & Emily's, along with all of our contractors, are fully insured. That means peace of mind throughout every step of your renovation.

Our Vision & Values

At Fredrick & Emily's we've chosen to focus on church renovation because it fits in so well with the values we hold dear. We love the opportunity that every project brings to help more people discover Christ's joyous message. We gain a sense of purpose and satisfaction from creating worship spaces that are warm and inviting and focus the congregation on the message they are there to hear. We can think of no better way to use the resources of time, experience and education we feel blessed to share everyday.

We also delight in showing churches how our renovations won't just improve the worship experience, but can also save the church money. Money that can be used for further improvements to church programs, outreach and education that benefits the congregation and the community.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is also rooted in our faith - doing more with less and preserving precious resources honors God's gifts to us all.

Word Of Mouth Is Our Best Advertising

"We are very pleased with the results of the work. The quality of workmanship is excellent. The restoration could not have been better. We recommend Fredrick & Emily's to you if you are considering renovating your church."
David Lovelace, Rector
The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist

"I would like to thank you on behalf of St. Matthew Lutheran Church for your interest and performance on our recent church project. All tasks were completed in a business like, timely fashion and in my opinion the quality of your workmanship was excellent."

C.H. Sourber, Jr.
St. Matthew Lutheran Church

"Thanks for the great job you did on renovating our Chapel. Our members are raving about the beauty that has been restored to that room. We thank you for your promptness in service, also. We'll certainly keep you in mind if we need this type of work done again."

Ike Geib
Lititz Church of the Brethren

"Our congregation was thrilled with the new look of our sanctuary following the recent renovation. The response to the appearance, workmanship, and relocation of the pews was all very positive. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! Reflecting on the process that led us to our selection of Fredrick & Emily's, your personal attention to our project was a significant influence on our decision. You continually attended to every step in the process personally. For this, we are very appreciative."

David Woodworth, Trustee President;
Richard Smith, Trustee
First Presbyterian Church

Serving the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast

At Fredrick & Emily's, we developed a safe & reliable method for restoring churches, utilizing the highest quality
products & finishes. Our services include renovation and restoration of church pews
and church design at fair and reasonable prices!

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